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        Takisawa Machine Tools

        The Takisawa Machine Tool Co. was founded in 1922 in Tamashima, Japan. They have over 700 employees and are available in over 50 countries worldwide. The company specializes in manufacturing precision CNC lathes and mill centers, and are used extensively in the automotive, construction machinery, semiconductor, aerospace, and medical industries. We offer used Takisawa CNC lathes of different years and models. Our experienced team of machine tool equipment specialists can help you find the right solution for your facility. We have decades of accumulated experience in the manufacturing industry and are skilled at finding customers the right machine at the right price point. Call us at (844) 262-6789 for more information.

        Takisawa CNC Lathes

        Takisawa Machine Tools Co. was founded by two brothers in 1922 in Tamashima, a city in the Okayama Prefecture of southwestern Japan. Over the next few decades, the company expanded to other cities in the country and, after World War II, temporarily expanded their product line to include food-producing equipment as well as machine tool repair and rework. Used takisawa cnc machine tools for sale

        The company began exporting lathes to the United States in 1963, and since then has supplied American manufacturing facilities with high-precision machine tools for various industrial applications. The company then underwent a sustained global expansion, buying up and opening businesses in various countries all over Europe and Asia.

        Takisawa CNC Machines

        Takisawas primary products are CNC lathes, but also offer multi-tasking machines, piston machines, machining centers, and manual lathes. All machines are built to strict tolerances, which promotes good durability and a long service life while providing accurate and consistent output.

        Because of their high quality, Takisawa models demand a higher price than some other brands of CNC lathes, even when used. But there is a high return on investment for these machines thanks to their reliability, efficiency, and performance.


        TiwaP-1 is an optional, proprietary software from Takisawa. Its an interactive programming system that supports the creation, simulation, and execution of machining programs to reduce operator labor.

        The simplicity of the software allows operators to create programs without any programming or coding knowledge. Completed programs can then run a check that simulates cutting results through 3D animation and tool path drawings. In actual operation, the software optimizes spindle control and C-axis zero return for efficient performance.

        Takisawa CNC machine tools for sale

        If you want to buy a used Takisawa CNC lathe, you will need to closely define your own requirements first. Look at the size of your parts and their complexity, as well as the volume of output you need. Dont forget to check your own floor space and see if the unit youre looking at fits safely within your workshop.

        If you have any more questions, reach out to us at (844) 262-6789.

        Takisawa CNC Machine Tool Models - CNC lathe

        Model Type Model Names
        TCC-Series Horizontal TCC-1100, TCC-2100
        TCN-Series Horizontal TCN-2100, TCN-2100V, TCN-2600, TCN-3500
        TC-Series Horizontal TC-40
        TG-Series Horizontal TG-4000, TG-6000
        TT-Series Horizontal TT-500GD, TT-1100G, TT-2100G, TT-2600G/T-2600G, TT-350G
        TK-Series Vertical TK-2, TK-25
        TF-Series Horizontal TF-2600
        TCY-Seriesv Horizontal TCY-160, TCY-200
        TS-Series Horizontal TS-3000, TS-4000, TS-5000