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        Used Okuma Mill

        The Okuma mill is a mainstay for many machine shops around the country. Many machinists are loyal to the Okuma brand. Along with Mazak and Haas, Okuma is clearly in the top three categories of machine tool brand names in the North American market. Once you have one used Okuma mill, it's likely the next CNC you buy will be an Okuma too! Okuma mills include 5-axis CNC and 4th axis abilities, double column, CNC vertical machining centers, CNC horizontal machining centers and a wide range of other milling options. When your ready to purchase a used Okuma or simply need help finding the right CNC mill our CNC Machines experts are here to help. !

        Used Okuma CNC Mill

        okuma cnc mill

        Okuma is a Japanese company with an American presence as ". This corporation has a vast distribution network with over 2000 personnel, servicing used Okuma CNCs, in addition to producing to new ones in the Charlotte, North Carolina facility. Okuma provides a diverse product line including lathes, machining centers, grinders, and laser cutters. Shops that find a good used Okuma CNC mill for sale buy quickly and hold on to these machines for a long time.

        Okuma CNC Mill Options

        Today used Okuma mills are available in many configurations since most companies order their new Okuma to meet the needs of their specific application. Okuma CNC milling machines are usually categorized as vertical milling machines, horizontal milling machines, and double column milling machines. An Okuma vertical mill is the same thing as a vertical machining center. Okuma CNC mills have numerous names. Below a list of some of the most popular.

        Okuma Vertical Machining Centers


      1. Okuma Cadet Mate V4020
      2. Okuma MC-50VA
      3. Okuma MC-60VAE
      4. Okuma MC-4VB
      5. Okuma MC-4VAE
      6. Okuma MX-45VA
      7. Okuma MX-55VB
      8. 2000-2009

      9. Okuma ACE Center MB-46VAE
      10. Okuma ES V4020
      11. Okuma ES-V3-3016
      12. Okuma MA-650VB
      13. Okuma Eurocenter V50
      14. Okuma MB-56VB
      15. Okuma MB-66B
      16. 2010-2020

      17. Okuma Genos M560-B
      18. Okuma Genos M460V-5AX
      19. Okuma MU-6300V
      20. Okuma MU-5000V
      21. Okuma Horizontal Machining Centers HMC


      22. Okuma MC-80H
      23. Okuma MX-60HB
      24. Okuma MCV-A
      25. 2000-2009

      26. Okuma MA-400HA
      27. Okuma MA-600HB
      28. Okuma MA-60
      29. Okuma MCV-AII
      30. Okuma MCR-A5C
      31. 2010-2018

      32. Okuma MA-4000H
      33. Okuma MB-5000H
      34. Okuma MB-8000H
      35. Okuma MB-5000HII
      36. Okuma MA-500HBII
      37. Okuma MA-600HII
      38. Okuma Double Column CNC Mills


      39. Okuma MCR 30B
      40. Okuma MCR-BII
      41. Okuma MCV-16A
      42. 2000-2009

      43. Okuma MCR-AF
      44. Okuma MCR-BII
      45. 2010-2020

      46. Okuma Genos M560-B
      47. Okuma MCR-A5CII
      48. Okuma MCR-BIII
      49. Okuma MCR-C
      50. Okuma MCV Series
      51. Okuma VTR-160
      52. Okuma VTR-350A
      53. Okuma MB-46V
      54. Okuma MCR-AF
      55. As a brand, you can depend on Okuma and their machines to provide great operating efficiency and flexibility. Okuma is an industry-leading CNC machine manufacturer with reliable, accurate mills. They range from affordable, entry-level milling machines to multi-axis, high speed, high performance, and high precision double column machining centers. For any application, a used Okuma machine, in the right configuration, is sure to be an excellent choice to produce machined parts.