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        MAZAK SUPER TURBO 510 Laser



        Message Seller: Larry (Machine Shop in USA)

        Used MAZAK SUPER TURBO 510 Laser

        Pre-owned MAZAK SUPER TURBO 510 2011 Laser for only $249,900 $189,500. This Laser has average cutting time and is equipped with a Mazatrol CNC control. This CNC Machine is currently located in NC. This MAZAK Laser is the only one in stock and available for a limited time. Get a quote today on this SUPER TURBO 510 before it's gone.

        Mazak Turbo X MKIII CNC Laser

        Laser 2,500 Watts
        Capacity 120" x 60
        X Axis 120
        Y Axis 60"
        Z Axis 3.5"
        Rapids 24,000 (X,Z) IPM
        Rapids 1,545 Y Axis IPM
        Sheet Thickness Steel 20 MM
        Sheet Thickness Stainless Steel 10 MM
        Sheet Thickness Aluminum 8 MM
        Laser Cutting System CO2
        Ordered 11/2011
        Equipped With:
        Mazatrol CNC
        2 Pallet Loader
        Larry (Machine Shop in USA)
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        q-a icon
        any mechanical or electrical Issues?
        why are you thinking of selling it?
        All trump shop, this is an odd ball.
        what did it cost when it was new?
        any options?
        pallet loader, sending pictures and orginal PO

        We recently purchased two extremely clean Mazak mills from CNC Machines. They were prepped and shipped to us with attention paid to every detail. Everything was very professional, from the appointment through the financing. We are very pleased!

        Victor Costa

        C & C Enterprises