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        Message Seller: Jonathan (Machine Shop in USA)

        Used MAZAK INTEGREX 100IVST CNC Lathe

        Pre-owned MAZAK INTEGREX 100IVST 2008 CNC Lathe for only $199,900 $178,500. This CNC Lathe has average cutting time and is equipped with a Mazatrol Matrix control. This CNC Machine is currently located in FL. This MAZAK CNC Lathe is the only one in stock and available for a limited time. Get a quote today on this INTEGREX 100IVST before it's gone.

        Chuck (main / sub): 6" / 6" Hydraulic
        Maximum Swing: 21.46"
        Max Swing using Y Axis: 16.22" - 21.46"
        Maximum Swing Over Cross Slide: 13.86"
        Max Swing over lower Turret: 15.75"
        Max Cutting Dia: Chucking: 21.46" Upper
        Maximum Machining Length: 29.65"
        Max Distance between Chuck Faces: 28.9"
        Spindle Nose / Spindle Bore / Bar Cap: A2-5 / 2.4" / 1.65"
        Main Spindle Speed: 6,000 rpm
        Spindle Index (degrees) C Axis: 0.0001 degree
        Spindle HP: 10 / 15 HP AC
        Sub Spindle Nose / Bore: A2-5 / 2.4"
        Sub Spindle Speed: 6,000 rpm
        Sub Spindle Index: 0.001 degree
        Sub Spindle HP: 10 / 15 HP AC
        Upper Turret: 1 pos. w/ ATC
        Magazine Capacity: 40 Positions - CAPTO
        Rotary Tool Spindle HP / Speed: 7.5 HP / 12,000 RPM
        Lower Turret: Drum Type
        Lower Turret Positions: 9 Position Turret
        B-Axis Travel - Pendulum Head: 225 Degrees
        Y Axis Travels: +/- 2.75"
        X Axis Travel: 16.14"
        Z Axis Travel: 31.69"
        X2 Axis Lower: 8.66"
        Z2 Axis Lower: 30.71"
        W Axis Travel - Subspindle: 31.3"
        Machine Dimensions: 121.06" x 91.73" x 88.3"
        Machine Weight: 18,078 lbs
        Equipped With:
        Mazatrol Matrix
        Y Axis
        Sub Spindle
        Pendulum Style B Turret
        9 Station Lower Turret
        C Axis 0.0001 Degree Increment
        Live Milling
        40 Station Tool Magizine (CAPTO)
        Automatic Parts Catcher
        Mayfran Chip Conveyor
        EIA/ISO Input Function
        Milling Spindle Synchronous Tapping
        Cardbus I/F (2 Slots)
        USP Port Interface
        LNS Barfeeder
        Jonathan (Machine Shop in USA)
        BUY NOW

        We recently purchased two extremely clean Mazak mills from CNC Machines. They were prepped and shipped to us with attention paid to every detail. Everything was very professional, from the appointment through the financing. We are very pleased!

        Victor Costa

        C & C Enterprises