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        Haas VF5 Mill

        The Haas VF5 is a popular medium size CNC, with a travel 50 x 26 x 25 on the VF-5/40 model, and 60 x 26 x 25 on the VF-5/50XT model. Its been in production since the 90s with the same travel specifications. Below is information about the Haas CNC controls including DWO/TCP and the general specifications on the VF5.

        Used Haas VF5 For Sale

        haas vf5

        Haas VF5 Overview and Specifications

        The standard Haas VF5 comes as a 40 taper / 3 axis / 8.1K RPM / 30 tool model and a 50 taper / 3 axis / 7.5k 30+1 tool model. The VF5/50XT is the larger spindle taper. The 2015 model (and others) come with a 15 LCD monitor, USB port, memory lock key switch, rigid tapping and a 95-gallon flood coolant system. This CNC is a workhorse with its high-power direct-drive spindle.

        ModelTaperAxisSpindleTool CapacityTravels
        Haas VF-5/404038,100 RPM2050.0" x 26.0" x 25.0"
        Haas VF-4/40TR4058,100 RPM30+150.0" x 26.0" x 25.0"
        Haas VF-5SS40312,000 RPM30+150.0" x 26.0" x 25.0"
        Haas VF-5/40XT4038,100 RPM2060.0" x 26.0" x 25.0"
        Haas VF5/505037,500 RPM30+150.0" x 26.0" x 25.0"
        Haas VF-5/50TR5057,500 RPM30+150.0" x 26.0" x 25.0"
        Haas VF-5/50XT5037,500 RPM30+160.0" x 26.0" x 25.0"