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        Hwacheon Machine Tools

        The Hwacheon Machine Tool Company was founded in Korea in 1952 by Kwon Seung Gwan. The company started strong, winning multiple awards and industry commendations nearly every year from 1974 to 1984. Hwacheon landed on American shores in 1985 and quickly began establishing its reputation as a top-tier machine tool manufacturer. Today, the company is the leading machine tool builder in Korea, and has established a global presence with locations on three continents. Hwacheon builds both machining centers and turning centers with a high degree of quality, reliability and performance. They are especially good at producing 5-axis CNC mills that operate with great precision at a high rate of productivity. Consult with our experienced sales staff to find out how a Hwacheon machine will benefit your business. Call us at (844) 262-6789.

        Hwacheon CNC Machine Tools

        Award-winning quality

        Since launching in 1952, the Hwacheon Machine Tool Company has been recognized dozens of times for the quality of its products and the innovation of its designs. This reputation has helped them win contracts like supplying Hyundai Motor Company with V6 cylinder blocks. Hwacheon is now considered Koreas leading machine tool builder and operates eight plants that deliver more than 3,000 CNC machine tools worldwide annually. Hwacheon cnc machine

        Innovative machining technology

        Hwacheon has pioneered its own machine tool innovations that set its products apart from other CNC tools in its field.

        • Hwacheons precise, high speed spindles are carefully manufactured. They are produced in a temperature controlled clean room that only master engineers can access.
        • Hwacheon CNC turning machines use a precision polished bed frame that is angled specifically to minimize heat distortion and designed to absorb vibration in order to ensure more precision when turning. All guide surfaces use tack guides to maintain rigidity and accuracy during prolonged operations.

        Hwacheon CNC Machining Centers and Turning Centers

        Hwacheon CNC Machining Centers

        Hwacheon CNC Machining Centers are available in a variety of models to suit different needs. For example, the SMART UaX model specializes in producing graphite electrodes, while the VESTA-500T is more of a general purpose machining center that can suit different applications. The SIRIUS-2500 is a bridge-type machining center that is excellent for large applications that require both high accuracy and speed.

        Hwacheon CNC Machining Center Models

        Hwacheon Model Type Model Names
        Hwacheon L Vertical L1 / L2
        Hwacheon SMART Vertical SMART Ua STEEL, SMART UaX
        Hwacheon SMART Multiplex SMART CORE
        Hwacheon UH Vertical UH
        Hwacheon SIRIUS Vertical SIRIUS-UL Plus, SIRIUS-UZ, SIRIUS-UM, SIRIUS-UX, SIRIUS-650, SIRIUS-850, SIRIUS-1050, SIRIUS-1250, SIRIUS-1350, SIRIUS-1750, SIRIUS-2500, SIRIUS-7040/7050
        Hwacheon SIRIUSMultiplexSIRIUS-2500/5AX
        Hwacheon VESTAVerticalVESTA-500T, VESTA-610D, VESTA-660, VESTA-1000 Plus, VESTA-1300, VESTA-2000, VESTA-850B, VESTA-1050B, VESTA-1300B
        Hwacheon HiTVerticalHiT-360D, HiT-400, HiT-400L
        Hwacheon HiREXVerticalHiREX-4000
        Hwacheon HiVerticalHi-M G1, Hi-M G2, Hi-M760, HiM-1300, Hi-M1500, Hi-M2000
        Hwacheon AHorizontalA600
        Hwacheon AFHorizontalAF-16
        Hwacheon HHorizontalH6, H8
        Hwacheon MMultiplexM2-5AX, M3-5AX, M4-5AX, M9
        Hwacheon D SeriesMultiplexD2-5AX

        Hwacheon CNC Turning Center

        Hwacheon CNC Lathes or Turning Centers are flexible machine tools that serve multiple needs on the shop floor. Turning Centers like the C2 can be mounted with various tools, which allow for multiple lathing and milling processes in a single, uninterrupted operation. If you need more speed, models like the CUTEX-160 possess a fast turret indexing time that makes it ideal for mass production operations.

        Hwacheon CNC Lathe Models

        Hwacheon Lathe Model Type Model Names
        Hwacheon CUTEX Horizontal CUTEX-160, CUTEX-180, CUTEX-240
        Hwacheon Hi-TECH Horizontal Hi-TECH 200, Hi-TECH 230, Hi-TECH 350, Hi-TECH 450, Hi-TECH 550, Hi-TECH 700, Hi-TECH 850, Hi-TECH 550BB, Hi-TECH 700BB/BB+, Hi-TECH 850BB/BB+
        Hwacheon MEGA Horizontal MEGA-72, MEGA-100, MEGA-110, MEGA-T130, MEGA-130, MEGA II 160, MEGA II 200, MEGA II 260, MEGA R100/15, MEGA R130/15, MEGA R160/15
        Hwacheon TTC Twin Spindle TTC-10
        Hwacheon C-series Integrated C1, C2
        Hwacheon T2-Series Integrated T2-Series
        Hwacheon i3 Integrated I3 2500
        Hwacheon HOT Integrated HOT-2000
        Hwacheon VT Vertical VT-350, VT-450, VT-550, VT-650, VT-950+, VT-1150+, VT-2000, VT-4500