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        HAAS VF3 CNC Mill


        Message Seller: Ross (Machine Shop in USA)

        Used HAAS VF3 Vertical Machining Center

        Pre-owned HAAS VF3 2002 Vertical Machining Center for only $22,500. This Vertical Machining Center has average cutting time and is equipped with a Haas Control control. This CNC Machine is currently located in LA. This HAAS Vertical Machining Center is the only one in stock and available for a limited time. Get a quote today on this VF3 before it's gone.

        X Axis Travel: 40"
        Y Axis Travel: 20"
        Z Axis Travel: 25"
        Rapid Rate X Axis: 710 IPM
        Rapid Rate Y Axis: 710 IPM
        Rapid Rate Z Axis: 710 IPM
        Table Size: 48" X 18"
        Max Table Load: 3,500 LBS
        Spindle Motor: 30 HP
        Spindle Speed: 7,500 RPM
        Spindle Taper: 40 CT
        Tool Changer: 24 ATC
        Max Torque 90 ft-lbf
        Max Cutting 650 ipm
        Max Thrust X 2550 lbf
        Max Thrust Y 2550 lbf
        Max Thrust Z 4200 lbf
        Max Tool Diameter 3.5"
        Max Tool Weight 12 lbs
        Tool-to-Tool 4.2 s
        Chip-to-Chip 4.5 s
        Dimensions: 131" x 92" x 102"
        Weight: 13,500 LBS
        Equipped With:
        Haas Control
        Programmable Coolant
        Sidemount Tool Changer
        Remote Jog Handle
        Ross (Machine Shop in USA)
        BUY NOW

        I bought a used Haas VF2SS with a 5 Axis Trunnion from CNC Machines. The transaction was smooth and the machine was rigged and delivered to my shop in perfect condition.

        Morgan K.

        Morgan Meredith Inc.