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        Used GANESH CYCLONE 32CS CNC Lathe

        Pre-owned GANESH CYCLONE 32CS 2018 CNC Lathe for only $NaN. This CNC Lathe has average cutting time and is equipped with a CNC control. This CNC Machine is currently located in MT. This GANESH CNC Lathe is the only one in stock and available for a limited time. Get a quote today on this CYCLONE 32CS before it's gone.

        7 Axis CNC Swiss
        Bar Capacity: (36mm)1.375"
        Spindle Speed: (Main/Sub) 6,000 RPM
        Spindle Motor: 10 HP
        X Axis Travel: 7.28"
        Z Axis Travel: 6.5"
        Rapid Rate Z Axis: 1,181 IPM
        Rapid Rate X Axis: 1,181 IPM
        Y Axis Travel 19.29"
        Number of Tools 27
        Live Tool Station 11
        OD Turning Tools 6 OD TOOLS (1/2? OR 12 MM)
        C Axis Both Spindles 360,000 Positions
        Cross Slide Live Tools 4-ER-20 Cross Slide Live Tools, 4,000 rpm, 2 HP
        Front Slide Live Tools 3-ER-20 Front Slide Live Tools, 4,000 rpm, 1 HP
        Live Tool Collet Size ER-20 Collet, 1/2” (0.5-13mm) Tool Shank Capacity
        Max RPM for Live Tools 4,000 RPM
        Coolant Pump Dual 50psi 3/4-HP Coolant Pumps
        Coolant Tank Capacity 80-gallon Coolant Tank
        Way Lube Distributed at 3-6 cc / 15-minute Cycle
        Machine Power Requirements 220vac ±5%, 63-amps, 3-phase, 60Hz
        Dimensions: 101" x 68" x 80"
        Weight: 8,000 LBS
        Mfg late 2017, installed 1/2018
        Equipped With:
        Bar Feeder
        Parts Catcher
        Sub Spindle
        Y Axis
        5 Axis
        Jason (Machine Shop in USA)

        This deal went awesome, I'm super impressed!

        End of Lease Manager

        US Bank