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        Used Metal Fabrication Equipment

        Buying used metal fabrication equipment is a cost-effective way for your machine shop to quote on contracts without the high cost of buying new metal fabrication machinery. Our used Inventory includes press brake machines, punch press machines, laser cutting, waterjet, metal saws and many used machines that are high quality and ready for use. Need to make metal fabrication parts for a client urgently? Our team can help you find the right equipment for your job fast.

        Fabrication Equipment For Sale

        Used Metal Fabrication Equipment

        Buying Used Metal Fabrication Machinery

        Machine shops sometimes have opportunities to quote jobs that could best be made specific types of used metal fabrication machinery they don't currently have. They could outsource the work or buy new equipment. We can help them find that equipment so that they can make an educated decision on the best course of action. It may not be difficult to locate a CNC welder or plasma cutter that makes all the difference between winning and losing production volume. buying used Fabrication equipment could be essential to winning that goverment bid you have been applying too. The upfront cost of new can cut into yur profits of these contracts in which can hurt your short term cash reserves. When buying used machines, there are 3 major benefits. First you have the ability to bid at cheaper costs giving you an edge over competitiors. Used machines can help you win more contracts due to the new ability you have fabricate and lastly, Used machinary can be re-sold when the contracts end.

        Here is an overview of the types of metal fabrication machinery that you can buy and sell on a regular basis

        Metal Cutting Saws: Manual, semi-automatic, automatic metalworking (CNC), band saws.

        Industrial Welders: Industrial quality welders for high volume and large capacity welding solutions.

        Plasma Cutters: CNC table plasma cutters, hand-held plasma cutters.

        CNC Laster Cutters: Laser CNCs for high production sheet metal work in a range of sizes & power options.

        Plate Roller Machines: For bending sheet metal into arches and round shapes of all sizes and metal thicknesses, mechanical plate rolls, hydraulic types, three-roll initial pinch, single-pinch plate rolls, double-pinch plate rolls, four-roll style plate rolls.

        Press Brake Machines: CNC operated press machines including press brakes, rolling press brakes, hybrid press brakes, forging press machines with inclinable frames, gap frames, c-frames, straight side frames, adjustable bed frames, and open-end presses.

        Punch Press Machines: Fabrication punch machines which stamp out patterns in sheet metal.

        Shearing Machines: Alligator shears, bench shears, guillotine shears, power shears, throatless shears, snips, nibblers.