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        BIGREP ONE 3D Printer


        Message Seller: Gabriela (Machine Shop in USA)

        Used BIGREP ONE 3D Printer

        Pre-owned BIGREP ONE 2017 3D Printer for only $47,800. This 3D Printer has average cutting time and is equipped with a CNC control. This CNC Machine is currently located in USA. This BIGREP 3D Printer is the only one in stock and available for a limited time. Get a quote today on this ONE before it's gone.

        Build volume x 1005 y 1005 z 1005 (mm)
        Layer height resolution 0.1 mm - 1.4 mm *
        Acceleration Up to 400 mm/s2
        Extruder Two modular extrusion heads
        Standard Extruder with 1 mm nozzle
        Power Extruder with 0.6 mm, 1 mm and 2 mm nozzles (option)
        Printing technology FFF – Fused-Filament-Fabrication (FDM)
        Certified BigRep materials PLA, PETG, Pro HT, Pro HS, Pro FLEX
        Other filaments upon request
        Support materials PVA
        Other filaments upon request
        Print bed temperature Max. 80 °C
        Printer weight Approx. 460 kg
        Size x 1850 y 2250 z 1725 (mm)
        Power 208 V – 240 V, 16 A, 50/60 Hz
        Safety certifications CE approved
        Gabriela (Machine Shop in USA)
        BUY NOW
        q-a icon
        what are the hours?
        not so many ... don't know how many! less than 100
        any mechanical or electrical Issues?
        why are you thinking of selling it?
        we pivoted into software
        what did it cost when it was new?
        can you send a video of the machine running?
        any more photos of the inside and outside?

        This deal went awesome, I'm super impressed!

        End of Lease Manager

        US Bank